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They will remind you of the struggle against sin-individual and social—for which you do penance, and of the glory of Christ that awaits you in overcoming temptation and sin.

The third, fourth, and fifth Sundays of Lent offer selections from John's gospel telling of Christ's glorification through his cross and resurrection.

Quiet and solitude will help you to become still and find time for family interaction, prayer, and listening to God's Word in the Scriptures.

The Church mandates that Catholics conscious of serious sin make an annual confession during the Easter Season (Ash Wednesday to Divine Mercy Sunday).

Wise Catholics recognize that this practice of confession is vital to spiritual growth.

Additional traditional acts of "giving up" sweets, alcohol, tobacco or other pleasures during Lent could help you personalize your spirit of Lenten sacrifice— a desire to "turn from sin and believe the Good News." Almsgiving flows naturally from the money you will save by making these sacrifices.

I urge you to be particularly caring for the needy by supporting fee Diocesan Works appeal on the first Sunday of Lent (February 18).

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