Updating yellow pages listing for businesses

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Rather, these are the just first resources for your journey from idea to business ownership. That’s why resume services continue to flourish despite the fact that most people have the tools (a computer and word processing program) to write their own.If you are a wordsmith with a human resources, management, or administration background, this idea may be the perfect opportunity for you.Try this idea as a quick-start marketing method: put on a comfortable pair of shoes and start calling on businesses most likely to require alteration services.Offer free pick-up and delivery, fast turnaround times, great service, and quality workmanship, all at fair prices.If you love to shop, have good taste, are creative, and don’t mind networking with business owners, corporate executives and people from all walks of life, you’re qualified to turn the personal-shopper business idea into a reality. Homebased Alteration Service Calling all people with sewing skills and a sewing machine!It’s time to capitalise on your talent and ideas by providing garment and fabric alteration services right from the convenience of a home workspace, and earn a bundle of money in the process.The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions reports that the average revenue for hosting a kid's birthday shindig is 0.

As a way to separate your resume service idea from competitors', considering offering consulting on how to dress for interviews, how to handle themselves in a stressful interview situation, how to make follow-up telephone calls, how to prepare for interviews, and how to network for that dream job.

From childcare, fix-it services, and party planning to business consulting, artisan manufacturing, and resume writing, there is a business for every skill level, interest and budget in our list of ideas you can start for less than ,000.

Your location may be just an online presence, your clients’ homes or businesses, a work van or truck, or even a small storefront.

First, you can operate on a mobile basis and throw the party at your clients’ locations.

Second, you can host the parties from a rented space or reserved park, requiring partygoers to come to you.

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