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No worries, there’s no reason for you to ever open it up.In order to get these files updated you’ll want to sync your device regularly.Garmin, Tom Tom, Nike, Suunto, and many others all use the technology.The downloaded file is small, usually about the size of a simple e-mail where someone added a signature line with a company logo in it.Same goes for Suunto, Tom Tom, etc…Note that even if you have a computer with Linux on it, there are still options for you to get these files, such as this solution here.While some companies do display the date the EPO data expires, Garmin does not (though they did at one point in some beta builds a while back – which I thought was super-useful).The first device I remember seeing it in was the Tom Tom Runner/Cardio.However, almost the entire industry has followed along since.

If however you’re getting your EPO from the back of a moto, or at a clinic down the street in the back room in an unlabeled bin – then that’s likely not going to help your Garmin or your prospects with WADA.

Last week, a DCR reader reached out to me to ask why his Garmin was storing EPO on it.

After all, EPO is one of the most widely known drugs for performance enhancement in cycling and other sports.

Tom Tom displays the status for example in the about screen under ‘Quick GPS’: So to summarize things – yes, fear not the EPO.

It’s good for your device, and good for your sanity on a cold winter day standing outside waiting for GPS signal with your wrist offered to the sky.

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