Tracking software dating

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You’d have to go through like 6 pages of comments to see everyone’s ship dates. I’ve thrown together a quick google sheet, and you should all be able to edit it.Append your forum username, order date, and if it’s been shipped or not.I have worked with many organizations that have significant quantities of hardware out of support or expired software licenses because it's hard to track them, and small to midsize businesses often can't afford dedicated tools.Keeping desktop hardware and software current might seem to cost more, but it can result in cost savings.Excel may be ubiquitous for finance, but IT admins can save money and hassles by knowing how to use it rather than turn to third-party software.

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In addition, there are other tricks for analyzing and reporting data.

geez, if you ordered on the 23rd you will get a shipping notification soon.

I ordered 2 on the 23rd, I should be doubly entitled to status updates ?

Let's explore the use of functions to calculate date differences.

Microsoft explains how to use Excel data functions to calculate the number of months between two dates, which can be just as useful to IT as to end users.

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