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The rooms are designed in the Classical, Gothic and Rococo styles, together with an element of Jacobean.Many of the rooms were restored after the fire of 1991 to their original appearance, although modern materials were used in the process.The palace was built by Henry III (1216 1272) as a Royal Palace and this was improved by Edward III (1327 1377).During the reign of Henry VIII (1509 1547) and Elizabeth I (1558 1603) it was used extensively as a Royal Court for diplomatic purposes.Schier endlose Möglichkeiten moderner Kommunikation stehen uns offen.Trotzdem ist es nicht einfacher geworden, eine gute Idee zu haben. Wir spüren für Sie neue Trends auf und führen Sie über den Hauptweg zum Ziel.During the 18th century the castle suffered some neglect before being renovated by both George III (1760 1820) and George IV (1820 1830) who made substantial changes making it into how it is today.During the time of Victoria (1837-1901) it was used extensively for entertaining.

Since the time of Henry I (1100 1135) it has been used by the English Monarch and has undergone substantial enlargements and improvements from Henry II (1154 1189) up to the present Queen Elizabeth II who uses it as a private residence during her weekends and also for ceremonial and State occasions.

During the English Civil War (1642 1651) it was used by the Parliamentary forces as a military headquarters and was subsequently the place that Charles I (1625 1649) was imprisoned prior to his execution.

Following the restoration of the Monarchy Charles II (1660 1665) carried out a number of projects at Windsor Castle.

Wir kennen jeden Winkel des Kommunikationsgeschäfts. Trotzdem sind wir neugierig und begeistert wie am ersten Tag. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass eine Unternehmensstrategie immer auch eine Kommunikationsstrategie ist.

Sie erreichen Ihre Zielgruppe nur mit überzeugenden und kreativen Ideen, die klare Ziele verfolgen und zu Ihrem Unternehmen passen. Wir geben Unternehmen eine unverwechselbare visuelle Identität.

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