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There, they do battle with XANA, an evil artificial intelligence.

There are towers on Lyoko which act as bridges between Lyoko and reality, and are activated by XANA to carry out attacks in the real world.

The group fight monsters, who act as the forces of XANA, as they search for deactivating the tower.

Throughout the mission (campaign mode), Jeremy acts as mission control, guiding and directing the team from outside Lyoko, and this simulation puts you in his shoes. A common program that appears at rares moments in the series more precisely when Yumi is busy defending "Mélanie", the Skidladnir still under construction.

He'd be extremely handsome with long blond hair like his sister, though he wears a bit more armor.

Coming into contact with his sword will grant it back to him, granting him attack speed and resetting his penetration to normal.

Passively, Freyr's boar Gullinbursti becomes active. He will stand by your side and attack anything you attack with your basic attacks, dealing a smaller percent of your damage.

Using any abilities will cause him to charge in a forward line, giving him up to 3 charges without the same cooldowns. The ult seems rather fun, and your ideas are very unique.

Allies are allowed to board the boat by going inside of it and jumping (Space). Also, I hate to advertise, but I've put out a new concept as well. It seems like we post at the same times XD I like the concept!

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