Sex position websites

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You get off on seeing right through their defensive sense of humour and cheerful deposition.

The site also seems to have attracted several male readers nervous about their sexual roles. The women insist that while their sexual desires may be abnormal - the dictionary definition - compared to those of their peers, there is nothing wrong with wanting to give pleasure to your husband.Facebook IQ reports that the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is the time of year when people with the status of ‘single’ mention sex the most.Also, with condom sales increasing by about 25% (according to Durex) around Valentine’s day, and innumerable surveys claiming that sex is one of the things that people want most on Valentine’s day, it is clearly on peoples’ minds.There was some variety in the results, but for the most part they were pretty consistent — and this was true for most sex positions (not just my personal preference).What this tells me is that either these tests are actually somewhat valid or there are some pretty well-ingrained stereotypes about sex position preference and personality out there. Besides the fact that it seems ridiculous to trust these internet tests that seem to have no empirical basis, I have many more reasons for having this belief.

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