Metabaron online dating

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Replacing every living thing on his body with a polymer counterpart, he officially turns into a cold, unfeeling automaton.

Joking aside, this is a fitting scene and a logical progression to Steel Head’s tale.

Quick question: remember how Steel Head fixed that hole in the space time continuum that allowed invincible space vampires to creep in, killing a million people? What actually happened was that he did so shitty a job at it, that it actually drew the attention of an entire UNIVERSE full of the things, which immediately rushed in to kill everybody and replace the current universe.After all, hse is a male brain trapped in a woman’s body, raised by a barely human parent into becoming the toughest, roughest, strongest and deadliest warrior rolled into one.Hse is also the last Metabaron, the product of a half-mad caste of killers richer than the Hindu Pantheon with way too much time in their hands.There’s also the matter of the ease with which she performed these feats.From the top of my head, the following questions arise With Gabriella’s life teetering on the edge, Steel Head performs a brain switch surgery, thus saving the girl in the hopes of saving his super-powered bitch of a wife, who dies anyway.

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