Dating quaker lace tablecloths hosting a speed dating night

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As formalities began to decline to give over to casual lifestyles, the once daily use of lace tablecloths was relegated to special occasions, such as holidays, anniversaries, and special dinner parties.

You can also purchase smaller tablecloths to cover occasional or side tables to dress up a living room or bedroom as an elegant home accent.Special occasions may see the finer linens coming out of the buffet or linen closet.With a diminished need for lace tablecloths, the original patterns have slipped into decline.In the early twentieth century, the firm expanded by constructing additional facilities at 22nd Street and Lehigh Avenue and incorporated under the name Lehigh Manufacturing Company in 1905.At that date the complex at 4th and Lehigh consisted of an office building mid-block, with the mill buildings on either side and to the rear of the block. The mill on the corner of 4th and Lehigh contained a packing area on the ground floor, with spooling on the second floor, and drafting, design, and other storage areas on the upper floors.

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