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The development of this website is part of the Zambia Department of Immigration's initiative to facilitate the travel of persons seeking to enter Zambia for investment, business and tourism purposes.It is expected that the provision of information on Zambia's visa and permit requirements through a website will enable persons to readily access that information and to download any required application forms.“I am not dating now, infact I have not dated for four years.Reason is simple, there is too much pretence and too much lies in today’s relationship.I wish to welcome you our esteemed guests to the Zambia Department of Immigration website.

The Zambia Department of Immigration aims to effectively and efficiently facilitate and regulate the entry and exit of persons and control the stay of immigrants and visitors in the country in order to contribute to internal security and sustainable socio-economic development.The Department of Immigration is committed to providing efficient, transparent and professional service.The Department has its headquarters in Lusaka, the country's capital city, with regional offices in all the ten provinces of Zambia (see the Contacts page for physical address).Not that I am scared but it is just not one needs proper timing before venturing into politics,” she said.Iris mentioned NAREP President Elias Chipimo and former Matero MP Miles Sampa as some of the politicians she greatly admires for their inspirational approach to politics and that she would like to work with them.

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