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Simpson believes legislators were right to pass a law that both supporters and critics say is the nation's toughest on illegal immigration.

"I don't have anything against them, but I don't like them putting nothing into the system and getting free crap," Simpson said.

The main part of town is a mix of white-owned small businesses, churches and old homes.

But five miles west lies Kilpatrick, a community some Alabama-born residents call "little Tijuana" because of its overwhelming number of Spanish-speaking immigrants.

The law makes it a crime for landlords to knowingly rent to undocumented immigrants, hire undocumented immigrants or give them a ride.

It also requires public schools to check the immigration status of their students, although it doesn't bar undocumented immigrants from attending public schools.

Both English- and Spanish-speaking residents of Crossville are paying close attention as U. District Judge Sharon Blackburn considers whether to let the law take effect next week.

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School workers who complain about the hundreds of Hispanic students at the elementary school and nearby Crossville High School don't realize they'd likely be unemployed without them, he said.The sweeping law would let police check documents and arrest anyone suspected of being an undocumented immigrant if the person is stopped for some other reason.It also would require all businesses to check the legal status of workers using a federal database called E-Verify.Plaintiffs in the lawsuit seeking to block the law include the Montgomery-based Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, where legal director Shay Farley said parts of the law step into federal powers and will likely be blocked based on similar laws and legal challenges in other states including Arizona."I believe the legal arguments are strong to block the law," she said.

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