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You as a member need to check that box before you gain access to the site.99% of the people just checked the box without actually reading the terms and conditions and without even understanding what computer generated virtual profiles are.These people sit in a room chat with members and trick them into purchasing monthly subscriptions to No Strings

As part of this investigation we read the Terms and Conditions and found many amazing facts that you should be aware of.

It should be quite evident now that this website will go to the extreme to defraud you all in the hopes of making money off of your naivety.

The best thing about investigating this fraud is everything we have alleged is 100% true.

And as you can see the locations are different all three cases, from the USA, the UK (Bishopston Swansea ) and in Amsterdam.

We're not sure if No Strings Fun is responsible for creating this fake profile but who gains the most from using fake profiles?

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