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After his first heartbreak, the story follows adult Raju (Raj Kapoor) who has found work with Gemini Circus as a clown. The circus is owned by Mahendra Singh (Dharmendra) who has understood Raju's potential and hires him.

The circus hosts a visiting group of artists from Russia, and he falls in love with Marina (Ksenia Ryabinkina), the lead trapezist.

Raj Kapoor termed this his favorite film and described it as having deep philosophical depth and meaning.

The film is regarded as one of Kapoor's finest works today with film experts labeling it as a 'misunderstood masterpiece'.

Raju always carries a clown doll which belonged to his father.

Every time he falls in love, he gives away his beloved doll, only to see it come back to him.

He invites the three ladies he was in love with, to watch his last performance.

He also reassures the audience that he will soon be back with more to make his audience laugh again.

She gives him confidence in himself, and he discovers the world of femininity and desire. He attends her wedding in a state of false merriment.

The international DVD release from Yash Raj Films Home Entertainment runs for 233 minutes (224 with the disc's PAL speed-up), while the Indian DVD by Shemaroo Entertainment is heavily cut at 184 minutes.

Mera Naam Joker is the second Hindi film to have two intervals, the first being Sangam (1964).

It is in this chapter that Raju's mother dies during his performance, watching him perform the very stunts which caused her husband's death.

In the final chapter, Raju has left the circus and wanders aimlessly.

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