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" The guy turned red in embarrassment and finally said, "You are both so beautiful that I think anyone who would try and answer that question would make an ass of himself." And Lucinda laughed and gave his ass a squeeze and walked away. She is one of the most honest and uninhibited women I have ever known.Unfortunately Lucinda smokes like a chimney and although it doesn't limit her social life in Spain, we seldom invite her over as we and all of our friends are non-smokers.Because of the length involved I have broken the story down into chapters, something I have not done in my previous stories.My intention is to give the reader some travel ideas wrapped into a good tale of sexual and personal exploration while dealing with the sex and its risks in today's world in a real manner.What is left of the oak is in a small temple behind the Casa de Juntas and that is what I am going to see." When we found out we were all teachers in Seattle we decided to do the tapas bars together before we all went on our separate pilgrimages. When ever we entered into a bar we were glad that we had Jeremy with us because every man in every bar we went in would hungrily stare at us.Lucinda is five four and has jet black hair, beautiful white complexion and piercing blue eyes.The ad read: "If you are interested in first class travel, accommodation in some of Europe's finest and most exclusive hotels and fine dining at Europe's greatest restaurants while touring Europe in the comfort of a new Mercedes Benz then you should consider my proposal.I am seeking an attractive female traveling companion in her late twenties to early thirties to share travel experiences with.

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The story is actually a sexual travelogue that I hope to continue through several different countries and experiences that I am familiar with while developing the characters.

I have often been told that I look like a young Cybille Shepard.

I come from a Scandinavian background and I am your typical long legged blond and at five eight a little on the tall side while Lucinda is a little on the short side.

I won a few beauty contests in my late teens and early twenties that I entered for the scholarships.

I am now 28 years old and I haven't put a pound on since my freshman year of college when I blossomed into the 34C-24-34 that I am today.

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