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Just before he came, he told me that he didn't want to do it in my pussy because that is how babies are made and I knew this but didn't care.He told me that men love to cum into a woman's mouth and have her suck their cocks until the last drop of cum comes out and the cock begins to go soft. I didn't need any prompting and I wanted to please him as much as he pleased me.He ket playing with and fondling my breasts and I just threw my head back content as I felt balanced for the first time in my life. I continued to climax and he finally told me that he was cumming again.I got off him and sucked him dry, and cleaned him up with my tongue all around that wonderful cock.My little frame was squished as he put his body weight on me, and then he slid his cock alllllllllllll theeeeee wayyyyyyyy innnnnnnn meeeeeeeeeee. I knew he had been having sex with other girls before and now it was my turn.I can't describe the emotions that swamped my mind and body. He pulled out of me and asked if I wanted him to stop.I started rocking on his mouth and couldn't seem to get enough.

I started jerking him off, he pulled my hand away and put it in my mouth.

My True Nympho Sex Story II BY: Kelly Da Brat He then told me that we better get out of the house so that we don't get caught.

I said ok and followed him out of the house, out in the fields and behind a big oak tree where the grass grew very tall. He pulled off my shirt, took off my pants, panties and bra.

He kissed me on my forehead like a little girl and said, let me make this last for you. I must have climaxed over 20 times and had 3 more large leg shattering orgasms before he finally came.

He talked me through everything and I completely trusted him in everything. He was kind, considerate, gentle and really cared about my satisfaction.

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