A serial shaggers guide to internet dating my 1001 lovers dating hertogenbosch

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If they match up two people successfully in a long-term relationship, they lose two customers.

However, it appears that some aren't so thrilled about "serial daters" either.

It's not exactly clear how the dating site should be at all responsible for the guy's ability to commit or not -- but they decided they'd had enough of him, and sent him packing.

He doesn't sound too worried though, as it's likely some other dating site will be more than happy to take his business.

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Go to Google Search and type in my name, Clive Worth to read about my Internet dating that has been out all over the world because my news when I was band from the biggest Internet dating site for having sex with to many women went out on Reuters all over the world, I was in most papers and magazines in every country back in Nov 2004.

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The Chris de Burgh look-a-like has dated over 1001 women through Internet agencies.Now the man with substantial media attention and with more notches on his bedpost than Casanova reveals his methods of getting his end away in this easy to follow guide of how rumpy-pumpy via Internet dating agencies is so easy.You don’t have to be a silver-tongued charmer in the salsa class or god’s gift in the pub in order to win a date – now it’s easier to get your message across via the Internet.Find out from the man who is the worlds greatest Internet dater, having met and bedded over 1001 women through online dating.The star of numerous TV documentaries, media interviews and newspaper features, Clive tears away the mystery to reveal his secrets in getting to bed some of the world's most beautiful women.

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